Acuity™ GPO

RxID® Inventory Management Platform

Drive efficiencies and maintain control of your inventory.

medical exam As an Acuity GPO member, you have access to a range of financial and operational solutions to help you optimize your practice and spend more time with patients. Our proprietary RxID® cloud-based inventory management platform allows you to track and trace medications with ease. Now, you can automate manual processes with a solution designed to meet your specific needs.

The RxID® Inventory Management Platform helps you:

  • Optimize your inventory spend
  • Significantly reduce staff time devoted to inventory tracking
  • Receive proactive recall alerts for medications distributed by Metro Medical
  • Create patient-level dispensing reports
  • Secure your data to help ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance

With an intuitive, real-time dashboard view and proactive notifications, RxID® provides you with greater visibility to help you manage your inventory.

  • barcode technology

    Barcode technology

    Scan the manufacturer’s unique, serialized 2D barcode using a handheld barcode scanner or type it in the RxID® platform. Important product information such as manufacturer lot numbers and expiration dates will be loaded automatically. Best of all, with our cloud-based platform, you can view and manage RxID® from anywhere.

  • patient safety

    Patient safety

    RxID® is built with patient safety in mind. Alerts are setup to notify you if a patient has received the same or similar medication for either eye within 28 days. RxID® will also send proactive communications for medications distributed by Metro Medical that are recalled or approaching expiration.

  • inventory

    Inventory categorization and patient-level reporting

    Easily manage all your inventory in one place. RxID® provides real-time visibility into sample inventory, white-bag product, patient-assist, and site-owned medications. Create dispensing reports down to the patient level.

  • onboarding & support

    Personalized onboarding and support

    Our dedicated team will ensure RxID® fits seamlessly with your practice. We’ll conduct training with your staff and provide ongoing support to show you how to make the most of the cloud-based inventory management platform.

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