Acuity™ GPO

About Us

Acuity's definition shares goals in ophthalmology by finding new clinical ways to 'sharpen' a patients vision and our goals to have a keenness to your thoughts.

Keenness means to be eager and enthusiastic. At Acuity, we are eager to listen to our physician's and administrator's thoughts on how to become leaders and influencers. Enthusiastically, we will come up with innovative solutions to bring to light the vision they have for the advancement of ophthalmology.


Merry Wyman

"My responsibility is that of a contract manager. Along with administrative functions of Acuity, my main focus is for our customers. Primarily I am responsible for contract administration, membership alignment, and eligibility for our practices. This is vitally important so that the practices and physicians we partner with can reap the benefits of Acuity's services and offerings."

Cody Edwards

Cody manages all day to day functions for the GPO with respect to eligibility, membership, and reporting & analysis for various manufacturer programs. An extension of the Metro Medical commitment to customer service, Cody works closely with both internal and external GPO partners and stakeholders to support maximal benefit to customers.